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Projects Details

I have been providing my services to different companies, executives, individual entrepreneurs, business people and others who are interested to develop their skills in achieving their goals.

Below is a list of my projects over 3 decades in more details:

Dr. Davis Coaching, Independent Entrepreneur (Since 2021)
Online Individual / Executive coaching
Management of Vacation Home Ocean Garden in Madeira (various units)
Swissinnovision s.r.o., Executive Coaching/Training and Consulting, Slovakia (2009-2019)
Swissinnovision Ltd, New branch - Portugal (2019-2022)
Founder/CEO, Senior executive coach/trainer/consultant/personal coach
  • Personal Values Development Coaching
Online Coaching - Private clients based on different countries
  • Buckingham Entertainment Group, s.r.o. Bratislava
Business consulting
  • SpecPage, Information Technology & Services, Swiss Management Company in Bratislava (Management team)
Business Training in Leadership vs Management, Communication, Values Leadership
Workshop for the whole team (70 people) with collaboration of my associate

Business Management Training (Critical Thinking, Negotiation and Sales, time Management)

  • FONA Dental, Bratislava (25 employees & managers from across the world)
Executive Coaching and Management Training
  • UNSSC - United Nations System Staff College (UN deputies from Africa), Turin, Italy 
Training and coaching, Critical Thinking
  • UNAIDS - United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS 
Leadership Programme for Women, Italy
  • Slovak Republic Ministry of Finance, Bratislava, Slovakia 
Training in Negotiation, Cross Cultural Communication, Critical Thinking
  • Skytoll, Karlova Ves, Slovakia 

Management Coaching, Presentation skills

  • LENOVO, Bratislava, Slovakia (25 employees & managers)
Business Management Training (Cross Cultural Communication)
  • Generali - Bratislava, Slovakia (25 employees & managers)

Soft Skills Training, Presentation Skills & Communication

  • SAC - Slovak Atlantic Commission (18 Members of Strategic European Council)

Training on critical thinking to create awareness and effective pro-activity on decision making, disputes & mediation.

  • IBM - Bratislava, Slovakia (350 employees & managers)
Business Management Training (Critical Thinking, Values Based Leadership, Change Management, etc.)

  • TATRABANKA - Asset Management, Bratislava, Slovakia

​Executive Coaching


Improving the communication on management side, bring about encouragement and motivation to the team which has been very unstable and demotivated due to organizational change. Tackle communication issues within the team.


  • Barrett Values Center, U.S. 

CTT Certified Consultant, Contractor, Client Advisor, Leadership Development 

  • UNISDR, The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, Bangkok- Thailand 

Training on effective and intercultural communication as well as organizational values.

  • Woodland International, U.S.
Prepared Training Program material for their clients in Poland ​
  • Coaching Plus Education, Bratislava
Executive Coaching ​


  • Local SMEs (Women Entrepreneur Association, Coaching plus s.r.o.), Business Consultant/Coach

YPE - Youth Political Education, Bratislava

- Executive board member

- Executive coaching on policies and strategies (member of advisory board)

- Personal coaching to staff members

- Team training & Webinar on Critical Thinking

- Leadership training


Forel International School (FIS), Bratislava

- Project 1: Staff Education

Defined and produced policies, procedures and training materials

Trained the staff on various subjects such as Change Management, Teamwork and Communication

- Project 2: 

Changing the Competitive Landscape for SMEs across Europe ​
FUTURE SME - Supported by the EU and driven by industrial companies and network throughout Europe. The project involves 26 partners from Ireland, UK, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Supported by a €6m grant from the EU Framework 7 program. It commenced in 2009 and was completed in 2012. Ultimately, the project delivered a model for successful, sustainable and socially responsible businesses in the future. It developed practical strategic and operational tools to enable small companies survive and thrive in the evolving competitive environment.

- Project 3: Preparation of FIS business for sale

Developed sales plan and assisted in the sales negotiation (the school was sold for 1m € in 2012)

NADSME - Association for Women Entrepreneurs in Slovakia, Bratislava

Business training on entrepreneurship / Mentoring


Canadian Bilingual Institute, Bratislava 

Business training on Communication

I provided one-to-one personal and executive coaching to individual lawyers, entrepreneurs, executives, students, artists and employees from different organizations who were seeking personal development training and coaching.
Sinnopartners s.r.o., Investment and relocation services/event organizations, Slovakia (2016 - 2019)
Founder/CEO, with three offices in Bratislava, Vienna and Tehran.
Investment projects: Assisted external investors to set up companies and businesses in Slovakia and Austria.
Provided business advising and over 20 Business plans to various start-up companies and worked tightly with the Slovak ministry of economy for their approvals, as well as Slovak foreign ministry for the residence permits.
Relocation & event management: Assisted investors and families with their residence and relocation in Slovakia and Austria.
Organized business and social events (a team of seven consultants and worked with external suppliers)
Swiss Stock Exchange, Six-Group, Financial Center, Zurich, Switzerland (2006 -2009)

IT Business Analyst - Fix contract

- Business Analysis for alerts & Reports of the Supervision and Surveillance of Real-time System (SMARTS) for both markets Zurich & London (virt-x)

- Support in defining a new framework

- Performing Impact analysis of SMARTS alerts and reports in the VCA2 project which has resulted in the replacement of the upstream trading engine
- Developing and generating monthly statistics for SMARTS business users

Providing 1st level support for the main user group in market supervision


SMARTS - Standard for Real-time monitoring of markets - working with the world’s largest Research System Capital Markets Cooperative Research Center together, which is exclusively focusing on market surveillance.
VCA - The Value Creation Architecture project to replace the existing trading infrastructure with a new platform architecture.

UBS - United Banks of Switzerland, Wealth Management 
Business Analyst / Deputy Manager - Fix contract - Basel, Zurich

Project1: KeyClub - UBS Young Professional in collaboration with the IT team in Hong Kong

Project2: User Interface Solution, New Portal System / Introducing Multiple Windows system on new Platform  ACE - UBS e-banking


- Conducted user requirement meetings (Marketing and Product management)

- Conducted requirements analysis by direct communication with users

- Wrote business specifications for a new banking project “UBS Young Professional”

- Supported the IT team in Hong Kong in writing technical specifications

- Created change requests for development of new requirements

- Defined test cases by using "Test Director"

- Supported release management in co-ordination with IT-Hong Kong team

- Coordination of new business requirements with UBS Card Centre (UCC)

- Interface between operation team and UCC for incidents management



- Conducted business analysis for multiple windows system of the new platform ACE

- Conducted user interviews, verification of existing processes and business applications

- Identified existing business requirement, prepared prototype (VISIO) with HK team

FOREL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Bratislava/Trnava, Slovakia (2003 - 2004)

Freelancer, Business Consulting, IT Consulting, Executive Coaching, Employee training

Business optimization through business process Management

- Strategic business management
- Management coaching
- Conflict management
- Supported and supervised change management
- Strategic marketing management
- Supervision of marketing & sales
- Supervision of human resource management
- Supervised event organization of the school and external networking
- Provided school counseling & special needs
- Provided purchasing & stock management
- Provided IT & web site services
- Provided School maintenance


Project Mission:

Strategic planning to prepare the school for sale with a high quality

Ensured the school was ready for sale in 2011

Softvision s.r.o., CEO, co-founder (1994-2002)
Senior consultant, Account Manager
Following are the clients that were served at Softvision s.r.o. with my supervision and involvement:
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Center of Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Business Consulting

- Consulting & Collaboration in designing and creating entrepreneurship and innovation Program
- Consulting & Collaboration in the design of the course / Seminar outline (business topics)
- Managed design and delivery of entrepreneurship courses/seminars/workshops for students and start-ups
- Benchmarked other university programs in Entrepreneurship & Innovation in other parts of the globe


Project Mission:

CREATE - Chair of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, to create the awareness of entrepreneurship in students, support the start-ups & SMEs in Switzerland.

  • UBS - United Banks of Switzerland, Wealth Management 
​Geneva, Basel, Bern, Zurich, Lugano

some parts of the projects were in partnership with Perot Systems Corporation - IT & Management services

Business Consulting, IT Consulting

- Consulting & Migration Management
- Project Management
- Business Analysis
- Project co-ordination
- Customer service development
- Organization of user support level I. II & III
- Data Migration
- User training & user support
- Post Mortem Analysis

Project1: Output Management

Project2: Migration Management - GDIP- Global Distributed Infrastructure Project, in collaboration with Perot Systems

Project3: Post-mortem analysis on GDIP

Project Mission GDIP: to rollout Windows NT 3.51 (16,000 workstation) in the Swiss Romandie-Valais (French part of Switzerland) & migration of user data and application from the current ex SBC platform (Unisys/CTOS) to Windows NT 3.51. (Projects were at times running in parallel)​​

  • Philip Morris International, Lausanne & P.M. Germany

Account Manager, Project Manager, IT Consultant, Trainer

Document Management Project

  • Edipress SA, Lausanne, Switzerland

Account Manager, Document Management Project

  • HP - Hewlett Packard European headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland & U.K.

Account Manager, Project Manager, Document Management Project

  • IBM, Geneva, Switzerland

Account Manager, Document Management Project

  • Medtronic, Swiss Romandie, Switzerland

Account ManagerDocument Management Project

  • Management Boosters, Geneva, Switzerland

Project coordination, intrapreneurship - banking projects

  • TrainingFox SA, Geneva, Switzerland / Deutsche Telekom

Project manager for an e-learning training project for Deutsche Telekom AG, in Germany (Frankfurt & Bonn)

  • IT Academy SA, Geneva, Switzerland

IT Consultant, Executive Coaching

  • Novartis, Basel, Switzerland

Account Manager, Document Management Project


IT Developer, Business/System Analyst, Consultant the following companies in Switzerland: (1983-1994)

  • ​United Nations Office, BIS & Sub-Committee of the Status of Women (NGO)/Geneva-Switzerland

Training on communication and presentation skills.

  • OBAN International SA, Geneva, Switzerland

Research and design of a new training concept for increasing human performance & retaining good employees within organizations

  • BIC, Bahai International Community, United Nations Office, Geneva, Switzerland

Document management, IT training

  • Delta Optik AG, Basel, Switzerland

Business consultant, Marketing management 

  • DHL International SA, Geneva

IT Developer, Systems Analyst

  • National Baha'i Secretariat, Berne, Switzerland

IT System Developer

  • Benedict International School, Lucerne, Switzerland

IT Trainer

  • 2F Computer Technical School, Lucerne, Switzerland

IT Trainer

  • ALCON Pharmaceutical Ltd, Cham, Switzerland

Business Analyst, Developer (IBM, SQL)

  • ACU Informatik AG, Lucerne, Switzerland

System Analyst, Developer (UNIX, MUMPS, C, SQL)

  • Interdigit AG, Lucerne, Switzerland

Developer, Database administrator, System Designer, (UNIX, C, SQL)

  • ITO Travel AG, Lucerne, Switzerland

Junior Programmer (Trainee), Database administrator

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