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Dr. Nasrin Davis

Nasrin is a value thought leader, personal and executive coach, consultant and trainer with over 3 decades of experience helping individuals of all ages and cultures to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and use them at the right time, make the right choices and decisions, identify their personal values, and lead more consciously at home and at work.


Her work is a blend of Western corporate training and Eastern inner-based practices. The result is a unique approach offering knowledge, experience & wisdom in a practical and empowering way to identify personal as well as organizational values in order to achieve goals and objectives.

Her clients range from everyday people to institutions and other entities, such as, IBM, Generali, Lenovo, DHL,  government offices, UN offices to name a few.

Dr. Nasrin Davis

Apart from the value based coaching, Nasrin has been working with women entrepreneurs in different countries from different cultures, assisting them to start and run their own business.

She has studied  Business Administration with the consideration of human values and is a certified coach. She was born in Iran and moved to Switzerland at the age of 17 where she started her studies and career. she lived and worked in different countries and speaks English, German, French and Persian.



Nasrin has achieved the following through her business studies:

Doctorate of Business Administration in Value Leadership with consideration of human behavior and values in organizations (DBA) from the European University of Geneva, Switzerland. 

She is a certified consultant/coach for CTT (Cultural Transformational Tools) from the Barrett Values Center in the U.S.

Masters degree of Business Administration in International Management (MBA)

Bachelors degree in Negotiation and Conflict Management (BBA), from the university of Maryland, USA.



Nasrin has started her career in 1983 in the field of Information Technology as a software engineer and systems analyst. She designed various system architectures and supervised several technology projects. In 1994, she co-founded her first business management consulting firm, SoftVision s.r.o. in Switzerland, offering business coaching, consulting and training, to SMEs and start-ups as well as design and delivery of entrepreneurs workshops. 

Nasrin offered business services in the area of business development, business analysis, project management, information technology, resource management, team and personal development and a number of other areas. 

In 2009, she founded Swissinnovision s.r.o. in Slovakia and continued providing her services to women entrepreneurs, some International and local organizations and professional individuals. 

Critical thinking training

In 2019, she moved to Portugal and works as a freelance coach but her services are not limited to any specific country. If you are interested to work with Nasrin please contact her, she will be happy to hearing from you and provide the services you might require. For more information on her projects you can click here.

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