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I have been providing my services such as training, executive coaching and personal coaching to different companies, executives, individual entrepreneurs, business people and others who are interested to develop their skills in achieving their goals.

Below are some of my projects, a more complete list of my projects can be found on Project Details.

Critical Thinking Training

SAC - Slovak Atlantic Commission (member of Strategic European Council), Bratislava - Slovakia

Training on critical thinking to create awareness and effective pro-activity on decision making, disputes & mediation. Participants included members of EU Security Council, Lawyers.

Leadership Training Program

Fona Dental, Imaging Manufacturing for Dental professionals
Bratislava - Slovakia

Business Training / Executive Coaching

International management retreat, south Italy

Provided Leadership Training and Executive Coaching

Conflict Management

YPE - Youth Political Education - Bratislava - Slovakia

- Executive coaching on policies and strategies (member of advisory board)

- Personal coaching to staff members

- Team training & Webinar on Critical Thinking

- Leadership training


UNSSC - United Nations System Staff College

Business Trainer & Coach

Provided training on political acumen and executive coaching

Leadership Training

SpecPage - Bratislava - Slovakia

Training and Coaching

Management vs Leadership


Values Leadership

Women Entrepreneurs

Association for Women Entrepreneurs in Slovakia (NADSME)

Provided Training and Mentoring on Entrepreneurship for Startups (Women Entrepreneurs)

UNISDR Communication Training

UNISDR - United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, Bangkok - Thailand

Provided training on effective and cross cultural communication & organizational values.

IBM Critical Thinking Training

IBM - Bratislava, Slovakia

Business Management Training, 350 managers and employees

(Critical Thinking, Values Based Leadership, Change Management, Presentation skills)

EPFL Chair of Entrepreneurship
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Center of Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Business Consulting

- Managed the design, delivery and creation of entrepreneurship and innovation Program/courses/workshops/seminars

CREATE - Chair of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, to create the awareness of entrepreneurship in students, support the start-ups & SMEs in Switzerland.

Business Consulting HR Management

Forel International School, Bratislava - Slovakia

Business Consulting, IT Consulting, Executive Coaching,

Employee training, HR Management

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