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What my clients and associates are saying

I have been working over 3 decades with different organizations and individuals providing my consulting and coaching services. Here are some of the testimonials of my clients and associates:


Ministry of Finance - Slovak Republic -Head of Unit/Intrastate and International Legal Affairs Unit

Thank you very much for the training, we liked it a lot and it really helped us to prepare for the negotiation with the country XXXX in the middle east. I  know, that you were curious about the outcome, so we may gladly share with you the information that the negotiations, were constructive and fruitful, have been fully concluded. So, thank you very much for that, the learning of BATNA and ZOPA specially worked very well.


Mária Ľuptáková, Director Finance and administration at SpecPage

We received a very positive feedback from our participants – most marked our last training as excellent and applicable for their everyday life :) So thank you for that.


Patricia, Finance Manager at  IBM Slovakia,
Participated at Critical Thinking Training

This was one of the best training I have ever had. Very dynamic, filled with theory and exercises to give us the maximum. The trainer, Nasrin is an experienced professional with background in the field and consulting, therefore, was able to backup theories. I am very impressed, thank you very much for this opportunity...


Erik Huska, Procurement Manager at IBM Slovakia

Since we have engaged Swissinnovision as external company to train our staff  we only heard positive feedback from their work. 300 people were trained and the training of Critical Thinking offered by Nasrin was the hit in IBM and people are using what they learned at the training on their daily activities. This is how we like to spend our money, to see the result practically


Andrej Benovic, Soft Skills Trainer, participated at the training of Cross Cultural Communication

What a nice training it was. Interesting topic plus your openness and willingness to share experience made it go fast with lots of learning. It was a great learning.


Ladislav, Business Development Manager, Vitalo Thermoforming, Zilina, Slovakia, Received Executive Coaching

I enjoyed the training very much and learned so much from each Topic. The training was well directed to my goals and I enjoyed the different topics of communication, sales, negotiation and critical thinking. I could implement what I learned directly in my day to day business activities. I will certainly recommend swissinnovision training (conducted by Nasrin) to other departments of our company and other companies for their teams.


Silvia, Lawyer at Slovak National Council, Slovak Atlantic Commission, participated at the training of Critical Thinking in Mediation

I enjoyed the training very much. Mrs Davis is engaging and a skilled speaker that can catch your attention. She knows her topic very well


William 'Gus' Berry, Global Program Manager, Perot Systems Corp. Global Migration Manager at UBS, Zurich/Geneva/Basel/Lugano, UBS

Nasrin is one of the best professionals I’ve had the pleasure to work with in my career. Always attentive to the client, her analytical skills are superior and critical to developing solutions focused at solving business problems. She is a valuable asset to any team.


Tommy Attaway,Senior Project Manager, Perot Systems Corp. Global Migration Manager at UBS

Very professional and dependable to meet objectives while requiring minimal supervision and delivering quality results.


Ian Leslie, Operations Manager at SIX

Nasrin and I worked on the same project at SWX. She is a determined and professional woman, who applied herself well to get results, and I have no hesitation in recommending her; and would welcome the prospect of working again with her in the future.


Daniel Haenni, UBS, Finance and Asset management, Consultant

Nasrin and I worked on the same project for UBS Switzerland in Zurich. I enjoyed it very much to work with Nasrin on the same IT projects, because her professional way to manage projects and task was always a pleasure. Her commitment to her work was exemplary. If you'll ever have the chance to work with Nasrin, don't hesitate, just go ahead.

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Dr. Katarina Burrus, CEO at MKB Excellent Coaching, Senior Coach, worked with Katarina at EPFL projects

Nasrin is competent, approachable and engaging person that has high business standards. Our collaboration was very satisfactory as she has high ethical standards as well.


Cees WM Nieboer, Management Consultant, Executive Search/Recruitment Specialist, worked with Cees at IBM Slovakia and other shorter projects.

Nasrin is a strong business coach and facilitator. Her way of dealing with business partners is both professional and enjoyable. She gains respect from clients and others based on her straightforward manner of interacting. What you see is what you get, without hidden agendas. I worked with Nasrin on various programs in Slovakia and hope to continue the cooperation on a long-term basis. Thanks Nasrin


Valérie de Montmollin, Founder and CEO, IT Consult

I am very pleased to recommend Nasrin Davis whom I highly appreciate as a very committed, straight forward, flexible and solution-oriented professional with a winning personality. Nasrin Davis takes great pride in doing a good job and in exceeding her customer's satisfaction. I highly recommend her and would definitely re-hire/re-assign her should a suitable role come up.


Jean-Michel Marcastel, Founder, Business Consultant & IT Architect, at ISLE Suisse SA

Nasrin. This gifted professional has all the capabilities one expects from modern managers and consultants. But If I were to select only one capability, then it would be adaptability. No doubt many will put forth her analytical capacity to listen, understand, organise and act. But what has always impressed me above all has been Nasrin's capability to quickly adapt to totally unknown and awkward situations and, in the face of doubt, to always come up with a pragmatic and robust action plan. A very talented person upon whom one can rely with confidence and trust.

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